A Moshi Qubit charger connected to a power strip charging a Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Why Business Insider rated Qubit among the best chargers for Galaxy S21

By Trent

We have seen a recent trend of more and more smartphones (including the Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12) being shipped with no power brick in the box, with manufacturers claiming environmental and cost savings while also suggesting that many consumers already have spare power adapters from previous devices. However, many of the older adapters you may have laying around the house probably provide output far short of the 15 W needed for what is considered 'fast charging' of modern smartphones, meaning many people are turning to third-party USB-C chargers to to power their new devices.

We were very happy to learn that Business Insider recently rated our Qubit 18 W Compact USB-C Charger as "among the best chargers for the Galaxy S21". What particularly caught their eye was the fast charging speed achieved by the 18 W Qubit, claiming that it was charging their S21 faster than some other third-party chargers which were rated at 30 W.

S21 and Fast Charging

The Galaxy S21 classifies two types of fast-charging, the first being regular 'fast charging' which relates to accepting charging output up to 15 W, and the second is what Samsung refers to as 'Super fast charging', which utilizes the high power throughput of USB Power Delivery (PD) 3.0 to maximize the amount of charging power accepted by the phone, allowing charging outputs of 15 W and higher. The fast charging feature is disabled by default on the S21 and needs to be turned on via a toggle in the Battery and Device Care section of the Settings menu.

Two screenshots illustrating the steps to enable fast charging on Samsung S21Be sure to enable both Fast charging and Super fast charging in the S21's settings.

Enabling 'fast charging' will allow the S21 to receive up to 15 W from a USB PD charger, while 'Super fast charging' will permit charging in excess of 15 W and as high as 45 W with a compatible charger. Enabling both of these modes will ensure that a compatible charger (such as Moshi's Qubit) is able to provide the maximum amount of charging power to your S21 for the fastest possible charging.

"Enabling 'fast charging' will allow the S21 to receive up to 15 W from a USB PD charger, while 'Super Fast Charging' will permit charging in excess of 15 W and as high as 45 W with a compatible charger."

Moshi smarts deliver maximum power

Many of the USB PD wall chargers available on the market today are simply re-branded OEM models which adhere to the minimum requirements for USB PD, meaning that they are unlikely to be capable of providing maximum power output to high-performance devices such as the S21. Under the USB PD standard, the receiving device (such as a smartphone) requests its desired amount of power from the charger, however there will inevitably be some loss of voltage as the power travels across the USB cable, resulting in less than the requested level of power reaching the device. Qubit features Moshi's Steady-V™ technology, which dynamically adjusts the charger's power output to compensate for voltage loss, ensuring that the full amount of requested power reaches the charging device for even faster charging. We tested Qubit in the Moshi lab and were able to confirm that it was delivering a full 18 W of charging power to our Galaxy S21 test phone:

A Samsung Galaxy phone charging, with a power meter showing charging output of 18 WCharging power from Qubit reached 18 W during testing

If you're looking for an all-round charging solution, Qubit 18 W is an ideal choice. Its compact design won't obstruct wall outlets or power strips, and folding plugs make it convenient for travel. Qubit can also charge other devices like iPads, earphones, and handheld gaming consoles. We'll be adding more powerful models to the Qubit family in the near future to provide even more charging power for modern, power-hungry devices.

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