Two children sitting on a park bench wearing Moshi OmniGuard Kids masks
Two children sitting on a park bench wearing Moshi OmniGuard Kids masks

June 18, 2021

Why kids need masks made for smaller faces

There are several aspects of mask design which make correct sizing essential, especially for kids

A family standing together outside wearing face masks

June 03, 2021

Not just for adults; the top 5 places kids should also mask up

Masks can also keep kids safe throughout their busy days. Here are our top tips for when and where your kids should mask up.

Close up of an iPad Pro screen

May 26, 2021

What's behind Apple's screens? A guide to display technologies.

What are the different screen technologies that Apple uses across its product lines and what is are the pros and cons of each?

An Apple Watch charger and Watch resting on the keyboard of a laptop

May 18, 2021

Improvements we'd like to see in the stock Apple Watch charger

There are several areas in which we believe that the Apple Watch charger included in the box falls short of expectations.

A close-up view of the inside of a multi-coil wireless charger

May 13, 2021

Why more coils does not always mean better charging

The use of multiple wireless charger coils can make wireless charging more convenient, but will it be as effective?

A close up of an iPad screen with a hand drawing using an Apple Pencil

May 13, 2021

The ultimate guide to iPad displays

From the original iPad to Liquid Retina XDR, we look at the evolution of the iPad screen to understand how it has become one of the industry's best.

An Apple Watch charging in Nightstand Mode on a Moshi charging stand

May 07, 2021

What is nightstand mode and how should you use it?

This little-known feature has been in the Apple Watch since Watch OS 2.0 back in 2015 and is perhaps one of its coolest tricks.

Behind view of a businessperson working at a high table at the window of a cafe

May 04, 2021

Top tips for working or studying smarter on the go

Ideas to help you get more done on your laptop when you're not at home or the office.

A marketing render of a Surface Laptop 4 on a white background

April 28, 2021

Moshi's top DFS-certified accessories for the new Surface Laptop 4

Moshi has a range of accessories certified to connect and protect Microsoft's latest announcement.

A Moshi Qubit charger connected to a power strip charging a Samsung Galaxy smartphone

April 27, 2021

Why Business Insider rated Qubit among the best chargers for Galaxy S21

The Moshi Qubit 18 W charger features some clever technology to help maximize charging speeds for high-performance devices.

How a dual wireless charging pad can add convenience to any room in your home

April 27, 2021

How a dual wireless charging pad can add convenience to any room in your home

For the modern connected home, sometimes a single wireless charging pad is just not enough.

an iPhone charging wirelessly on top of a desktop wireless charger next to an open laptop computer

April 22, 2021

What is Qi v1.3 and how will it improve wireless charging?

We take a look at how the next generation of wireless chargers will use authentication to improve the user experience and safety.

An iPhone 12 Pro on a tabletop, face down with a MagSafe charger connected to the back

April 15, 2021

Some caveats of using the MagSafe wireless charging system

Although it sounds revolutionary, Apple's new wireless charging technology still lags behind the Qi standard in several key areas.

A laptop being removed from a Moshi Muse protective laptop sleeve

April 13, 2021

How a laptop sleeve can protect your device from potential disasters

If you carry your laptop daily for work, school, or travel, a good laptop sleeve can prevent expensive accidents.

A Moshi Lounge Q wireless charging stand on a table beside an armchair. An Android smartphone is charging in an upright position

April 09, 2021

Why Android and Qi wireless charging are a perfect match

Why is it that Android smartphones are leading the pack when it comes to Qi wireless charging technology?

close-up view of a phone charging wirelessly with the screen showing 100% charged

April 01, 2021

Qi vs home brew wireless charging technologies. How do their fast-charging claims stack up?

Why claims of outrageous wireless charging speeds could just be a lot of hot air.

A Surface Go with type cover removed standing up on a marble benchtop. The lock screen is visible

March 31, 2021

Moshi's top 5 DFS-certified accessories

Here's how to get more out of your Surface device with Moshi DfS-certified accessories.

Artistic shot of a MacBook on a concrete background with sun shadows

March 26, 2021

Moshi's Top 5 Accessories for MacBook

Our favorite products to protect, connect, and enhance the functionality of your MacBook

Modern western style kitchen with an iPad standing in landscape mode on the counter

March 26, 2021

Moshi's top 5 accessories for iPad

We've been making iPad accessories since the very first model back in 2010. Here are our top picks to protect, connect, and enhance your device.

A Moshi SnapTo slim wallet with superimposed illustrations of its anti-microbial coating

March 25, 2021

How does Moshi's NanoShield™ anti-microbial treatment work?

We explore how anti-microbial treatments can be effective in preventing the spread of germs and bacteria on surfaces.

A USB-C cable connected to a laptop and curled up on a desk

March 24, 2021

How USB-C replaces multiple ports and slims down your laptop

Find out how this single port is able to replace a host of older ones on your new laptop.

A side view of a Moshi USB-C hub with the ports and connectors visible

March 24, 2021

What does it take to make the world's most powerful portable USB-C hub?

We worked hard to pack a lot of power and connectivity into our latest portable USB-C hub.

A man wearing a reusable face mask

March 24, 2021

5 ways a reusable mask will make your life easier

Although a seemingly bigger initial investment, the comfort, convenience, and environmental benefits of reusable masks pay off in the long run.

A lineup of Samsung Galaxy S20 FE smartphones standing up on a table

March 23, 2021

Which Samsung phones support Qi wireless charging?

Many Samsung mid-range and flagship smartphones support Qi and fast-charging, but which ones and how fast?

A smartphone charging on top of a wireless charger next to a tablet computer with keyboard

March 17, 2021

Why wireless charging is all about convenience

Wireless charging is the ultimate in one-handed convenience, preventing tangles, accidents, and letting you get on with what's important

Placing a smartphone into a Moshi Deep Purple UV sanitizer

March 05, 2021

5 things to look for when buying a UV sanitizer

Did you know that UV light can be an effective component of personal hygiene when used correctly? Here's how to pick the right device for the job.

A view from behind of a designer working on a CAD drawing of a Moshi wireless charger

March 05, 2021

How Moshi created the ultimate wireless charger

We recall our journey in developing the Q Collection of wireless chargers and just what it takes to make the world's best.

Front-on view of an office worker in a darkened office looking at a computer monitor

March 05, 2021

How video output and USB-C charging pass-through can affect your working life

We explore why video output and USB-C pass-through are two of the most important specs to consider when shopping for a portable USB-C hub.

Used disposable masks hanging on a post in a forested area

March 04, 2021

The real cost of disposable masks

While masks have become an essential form of personal protection, the use of disposable masks is creating an unprecedented environmental issue.

A Surface Pro device surrounded by compatible Moshi products; Avanti C headphones, Symbus Q USB-C hub, Symbus Mini 7-in-1 hub, Treya briefcase

March 04, 2021

What is the Designed for Surface (DFS) program?

The Designed for Surface program works with third-party manufacturers create accessories which help users get the most out of their Surface devices

Opening the door of a hotel room

March 04, 2021

Stay safe on staycation with UV

Hotels can be hotspots for germs and harmful bacteria, but UV light can help you have a safe and enjoyable staycation.

several smartphones with broken or cracked screens

March 04, 2021

Are glass screen protectors still relevant?

Is glass still the best material for screen protectors? With new alternatives available, we look at the potential issues with glass protectors.

Stock image of a partly cloudy sky with visible sun rays

February 24, 2021

Not all rays are made equal - The ABC of UV light

Did you know that there are several different types of rays within the UV spectrum, each with their own specific benefits and dangers?

A smartphone on a Moshi Lounge Q charging stand on a bedside table next to a bed

February 17, 2021

6 common wireless charging myths

If you're new to wireless charging you've probably heard some of these before. We debunk the most common misconceptions around today's technology.

A smartphone charging on top of a Moshi Symbus Q hub which is connected to a laptop

February 17, 2021

What is wireless charging? Moshi's wireless charging 101

New to wireless charging? Our quick guide will get you up to speed.

Scanning a card in the SnapTo Slim Wallet over a payment terminal in a store

January 27, 2021

5 cards perfect for the SnapTo™ Slim Wallet

The SnapTo™ Slim Wallet is the perfect companion for an active lifestyle. Here are our top 5 picks for the best card slip in for maximum convenience.

A Moshi Symbus Mini hub connected to a laptop with a USB flash drive, cable, SD card, HDMI cable, and USB-C charger also connected

January 27, 2021

Buying a USB-C hub? Make sure it's not yesterday's technology

With so many devices on the market, we've identified the top specs and features to look for when buying your next USB-C hub.

A person connecting a set of USB-C headphones to a smartphone

January 27, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to USB-C Audio

This new standard is taking over from traditional audio technologies. Read on for everything you need to know about USB-C audio.

A smartphone charging wirelessly on top of a Moshi Symbus Q wireless charger on a desk

January 27, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Wireless Charging

Although it's been around for almost ten years, wireless charging is still unknown to many. Join us as we take a deep dive into all things wireless.

A hand placing a smartphone down on a Moshi Otto Q wireless charging pad

January 27, 2021

What is Qi Extended Power Profile (EPP)?

Moshi's guide to the latest in wireless fast-charging technology. We answer some of the most common questions about EPP to help you charge smarter.